Systemic Support

Creating Systemic Improvement Plans for Multilingual Learners


School districts have sought to create systemic plans for multilingual learners that move beyond compliance to insure coherence across their programs, policies and practices for their students and families. Understanding Language partners with districts to co-create, implement and refine multi-year systemic improvement plans. 

In the following videos, we describe the essential components of these plans--the Language Development Approach, the Core Competencies for Educators of MLLs and the Professional learning Plan--and how Understanding Language's Professional Learning Essentials provides a foundation for all three components.

This work was made possible with financial support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. 

Video 1: Systemic Improvement Plan (SIP) Overview

In this video, Understanding Language's Dr. Annie Camey Kuo and Steven Weiss discuss the essential components of the SIP, the purpose of each, and how they fit together to create a continuous improvement plan that supports MLLs and their educators. 

Video 2: The Language Development Approach (LDA)

In this video, Steven Weiss describes how a LDA brings leadership teams together to capture a district's best thinking around the essential components that support quality teaching and learning for multilingual students. 

As you watch this video, consider whether your current plan for multilingual learners clearly defines all of the components of a successful program for your students.

Video 3: The Core Competencies for Teachers and Leaders of MLLs

In this video, Jeff Zwiers introduces the notion of Core Competencies for MLL Educators. He zooms in on one competency and discusses how these competencies can help inform a district's professional learning plan.

As you watch this video, consider whether all your educators are clear on the competencies that they need to implement and sustain continuous educational improvement for your multilingual learners.

Video 4: Creating and Implementing a Coherent Professional Development Plan

In this video, Dr. Kuo shares how Understanding Language's Professional Development Essentials for Educators of Multilingual Students provides guidance to districts on how to create professional learning plans that put students at the center, define and enhance quality instruction and take a systematic approach to developing educator capacity.

As you watch this video, consider whether the elements of your current professional learning plan foster the core competencies that your educators need to develop over time. 

Video 5: Putting it all Together

In this last video, Dr. Kuo, Jeff Zwiers and Steven Weiss discuss how a systemic improvement approach supports districts as they move beyond compliance towards coherent plans that connect research to continuously enhance a district's programs, policies and practices